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16.03.2013 17:51

The day after... Spring Battle Kicker Session

1 day after the famous Spring Battle we went to Absolute Park Flachauwinkel and met up with Max. That day conditions where still good even the kicker went through a hard competion the day before. That fact didn´t matterd for Max and a sick session started.

Hawa and Wolf enjoyed themselfes shooting and Max stomped one trick after the other. After we where done with the Kickershooting we went for a relaxed rail session together with Chris.

Only a few tricks went down as something went a little bit different as we thought :)

Wolf and .... crahed pretty bad into each other while shooting a downrail. The result a broken camera, broken ear, unnecessary meet up with the cops and a big fat inner chest bruise which made breathing a hard nut for some days. No pain no gain :)

It has been a great session with here are some Fotos of FLW Session

Someone got the hit y can guess who ;)