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17.03.2020 00:22

New to our Frontpage!!! Absolut Spring "Park" edit

Für alle die den Frühjahrs Shred im Abso Dank COVID 19 ebenso vermissen werden wie wir, hier wie es sein hätte können...

Riders Inc. Crew in Absolut Spring „Park“ Edit  von unseren Sessions von 2019


Seasons over...and so much fun left... here´s our Spring edit watch and enjoy how it could be c y @ AP in 2020 stay safe...

Footage from 2018/19 footy from this season will follow ;)



Abso Spring Park Edit by:

Jakob Obersamer


Filmed by:

Dyna Mike, Wolf Wieser, & all the riders



Ali Lindmoser, Alex Bernhofer, Christoph Klaushofer, Günther "Foga" Brandstätter, Jakob Obersamer, Lukas Brandauer, Manuel Lindmoser, Michi Schatz, Patrick Gruber, Patrick Pitter, Phil Lesacher



Thx to our supporting Crewmembers, Absolut Park for being Absolut Park & everybody who was involved y know who y are...