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04.08.2012 Lake of charity

We´ve been visiting our friends of the Glemmbang Crew to join in for the Lake of charity...   Ri. Artist Train D-Lay also went for the good cause and gave a free gig which was epic as usual. We´ve been to this event the year before and...

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13.07.2012 Hochoim Gathering @ where the elphant dies

Ein super feines Wochenende mit Bluebird, Party and good vibes... Check the Fotogallery on Facebook and witness a weekend out with Riders inc. Shred and Chillwear Click to check gallery...

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21.06.2012 Party @ Haeggblomsbar

Riders inc. is back in town and gettin ready for another epic Party at the Haeggbloms Bar with TRAIN D-LAY. He is celebrating his single release tonight his new track "On my way" für den man bald bei Go TV voten sollte! Schauts...

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18.03.2012 Kitzbühel "Bridging the Gap"

   Jedes Jahr am Ende der Saison verblüffen uns einige Resorts mit spektakulären Obstacle Konstruktionen. Der letzte Schnee wird vor der Schmelze noch einmal zusammengekarrt und die Parkdesigner dürfen mit strahlenden Augen unerfüllte...

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17.03.2012 "HK Sessions"

Thx to our buddy Peter Radacher of the LIV Park Hochkönig we had a super fine Springsession and a great weekend. Can´t wait to come back next year to HK and the Livingroom Park. Big hand for Peter Radacher for giving us...

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11.02.2012 Chris Schaidreiter 2nd and Günther Haberzettl 5th Place @ Hobam Jibmasters

  Picture on!!! Heres some fine pics by Markus Deutinger of the the Hobam Jibmasters in Alpendorf - Slopestyle Champs 2012 where Riders inc. Shredder Chris and Hawa offensively enjoyed themselves and rocked the comp.   Big hand and...

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02.02.2012 Art on Snow

This winter we had the oppurtunity to join in a very special event called Art on snow. It was great fun for us... thx to everybody of the crew for the support and a good week out riding, havin fun and hanging at our booth...  Check Gallery...

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19.01.2012 Hias Leinich Video "Powder to the peolple"

 "Powder to the people" das is moi a Ansage!!! Son Griot feat. Mks stoarker Sound, steeze riding und ein super smoothes Video was Riders inc. feat. Moment catcher Hias Leinich und alle anderen Mitwirkenden am Start gebracht haben....

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