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Homebase: Hallein/Austria

Sponsors: Boardshop, Adidas eyewear, Empire,...

Favourite Trick: There´s a lot hm, ah guess double bs rodeo 1080° chicken wing

Favourite Resort/Park: The alps / Dachstein

Steht seitwärts seit: since 1996



How did you get into Snowboarding?



What is the first thing you think of, when you wake up in the morning?



What kind of drink, one should donate to you at a bar?

Wheat beer


What does snowboarding mean to you?

More than anything else


This or that:

Beer or Longdrinks? Beer

Park or Powder? Both

Spin to win or Air and Style? Both

Rock n´ Roll or Hip Hop? Punk rock

Festial or Clubing? Both


Pic by: Simon van Hal Spot: Dachstein
Pic by: Roland Haschka Spot: Ankogel
Pic by: Roland Haschka
Pic by: Roland Haschka Spot: Pleasure Jam
Pic by: Roland Haschka
Pic by: Roland Haschka
Pic by: Roland Haschka
Pic by: Roland Haschka
Pic by: Roland Haschka

Alta Badia -> check out the teaser with Riders like Sebi Geiger, Max Weickl, Patrick Schönleitner, Patrick Pitter, David Loibl, Daniel Erhart and Lukas Valentini

TTR Tricks with Riders inc. Shredder Max Weickl at the 4Star Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam Dachstein, Austria.

#1 :: WeRideWithCLAUDIUS :: Kitzsteinhorn April 2013 from WeRideWithClaudius// WRWC//SPN on Vimeo.


04/22/2018 Flw End of Season Tradition Shred @ Prime Mag

Zu unseren Tradition Sessions in den letzten Jahren gehört auch immer die End of Season Flw Session die in diesem Jahr auch wieder extrem relaxed war und gute Conditions bot. Bereits in den morgen Stunden waren nebst den Boys vom White Lines...

Category: Ali Lindmoser, Andi Röck, Chris Schaidreiter, Fabian Mühringer, Günther Brandstätter, Klara Dinold, Max Weickl, Patrick Pitter, Peda Walchhofer, Wieser Flo

03/17/2018 HK Shred Shot & Hang

Riders Inc. Shred Shot and Häng war nach einigen Jahren Stand by wiedermal dringend nötig und wer dabei gewesen ist, kann von einem unvergesslichen Game changing Wochende sprechen, dass uns wohl alle noch eine Weile in Erinnerung bleiben wird. Ein...

Category: Ali Lindmoser, Allgemein, Andi Röck, Auer Mike, Chris Schaidreiter, Fabian Mühringer, Flying Towels, Günther Brandstätter, Günther Haberzettl, Klara Dinold

09/27/2013 Bad luck & broken bones 27m drop

Max der bei uns unter anderem für massive Airtime am Snowboard bekannt ist benötigt auch im Sommer seine Dosis Luftstand. Easiest way to get, drop a cliff!  Nach einigen Sessions von 10, 17 und 20m,...Obstacles dropte Max die 27m...

Category: Allgemein, Max Weickl

03/16/2013 The day after... Spring Battle Kicker Session

1 day after the famous Spring Battle we went to Absolute Park Flachauwinkel and met up with Max. That day conditions where still good even the kicker went through a hard competion the day before. That fact didn´t matterd for Max and a sick session...

Category: Allgemein, Max Weickl, Wolf Wieser, Günther Haberzettl, Chris Schaidreiter

04/11/2012 Alta Badia -> Moby Dick Teaser

   Moby Dick is back? namely in secret waters near the Snowpark Alta Badia. Before the season ends, our shapecrew comes up with something special and surprises media teams and pro riders with a new special obstacle. The first pictures...

Category: Max Weickl
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