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Avalanche Rescue Dawg


Name: Esco vom Burgenweg

Homebase: Salzburg/Austria

Arbeit: Dawg

Side job: Avalanche search dog

Favourite Trick: Search for people who look lost or are under a avalanche.

Favourite Terrain to be: Anywhere, wood, meadow and mountain.



How did y get into saving lives?

I couldn´t do much about it, my mum allready did it and my human Dad luckily forced me to search and destory, ah sorry find. But i guess everybody needs an occupation, otherwise i get bored and start to evolve stupid ideas.


Tell us a special moment y had while working?

Actually it is something special to be able to work. I´m always stoked to join in and i get rewarded with funny games, and by the way i like to hang out with my dad. And if he has a good time then I'm looking forward too.


What´s the first thing that crosses your mind after waking up.

When does the old fart finally comes and caresses me.


Which drink somebody should pay y at a bar?

I only get to drink water, but if y wanna get down with me you should get me a sausage bread.


What does working mean to you?

A way of passing the time, cause only walking around is kind of boring.


This or that:

Beer or Longdrinks? Sausage bread

Park or Powder? Powder

Spin to win or Air and Style? So i do everything with style

Meat or dry food? Meat

Mountain or dog park? Mountain!